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Day 100... [Feb. 16th, 2002|08:07 pm]
Motivation Log


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(This is a post to the motivation log you joined. It's going to be starting again...If you wish to be removed, click below:)

Written, but not posted, yesterday...

So I keep hearing that 'it takes 100 times doing something to set a new habit' so I figured, there has to be a way I can use this figure to my advantage... so I've come up with a new game plan. I've decided to try something new. I've made a resolution. And we all know how well I keep those lol. But this ones a little different. I've decided to make a little contract with myself. It only involves the said conditions... A) I will live healthier B) I will not smoke C) I will exercise everyday D) I will do one productive thing everyday E) keep record of it in my motivationlog lj. Sure, they seem meager (except the smoking of course) but if its all about the habits, than I can last 100 days. The amounts or extremes or specifics are not so much important as doing them everyday. Thats the point of this little venture. Then if life still sucks and I am miserable and feel like picking up my old vices than I shall. 100 days seems like a long time, but its really only until Sunday May 26th. And my two biggest problems are 'forever' and 'tomorrow'. I have this mental disorder practically that when I make a change I have to do it 'forever' (ie smoking) and that thought alone freaks me out major enough to stop trying. And I will do everything 'tomorrow'. It's such a comforting phrase... I'll start that... tomorrow... its close enough to feel good about it but far enough away to not worry about it. Too bad tomorrow never brings the changes I look for. And I know, you're saying to yourself "heh. This will last like 4 days, if that". Thats what I am saying to myself too, but you know what, if that happens, so what. I tried. And I'm not going to stop trying til I figure out what works. So, today, I did not smoke. I didn't eat after 6pm, and I did get exercise. I also cleaned my immensly filthy room spotless and I'm going to bed no later than around midnight. Because I need to refocus my priorities a little bit. And its never too late to make changes you should have made years ago... and I know some folks may be like 'god, not this again'... But you know, I don't ask for much in the way of support from people (I don't think anyway) so this is my thing. I know those that care about me will go out of their way to be supportive of my wanting to make positive changes in my life... so, let's see what happens. Later!

From: cherie
2002-06-25 08:18 am (UTC)
Actually the Betty Ford Clinic (not that I would know, :) teaches it only takes 28 days to break a habit. It is a lot easier than 100 days, although perhaps some people need a little longer. I have tried the 28-day theory and found it does work, perhaps psychologically if we feel we can avoid the drink, the cigarette or the snickers bar, or do the exerbike for 28 days we can make it a habit. I think it is a good idea anyway. :)
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